200 Spam Trigger Words, You should always avoid using

Spam filters constitute the principal mechanism for what allows Email service providers henceforth addressed as ESPs to separate unsolicited dangerous spam emails from normal emails. These filters are designed to be extremely strict, so they may at times flag your non-spam emails as spam if there is even a minute mistake in the content. 

Spam filters pay special attention to the email’s subject line. Ergo, the best way to avoid such filters is by carefully curating the contents in the subject line of your email. We’ve compiled a list of 200 words you must always avoid while writing the subject line of your email. These words can be more or less categorised into 6 groups; 

  • Manipulative – which instills urgency, unwanted pressure
  • Needy – which creates desperation, overstates claims
  • Sleazy – which sounds unsolicitedly pushy
  • Cheap – which is too easy to procure
  • Far-reaching – which propagates utopian claims
  • Shady – which raises questions about legal legitimacy

Manipulative Triggers

Instilling urgency always in the minds of readers is unwarranted by the spam filters. Every email you send cannot be “urgent” because if everything is urgent then essentially urgency loses its meaning and nothing is urgent. Consequently, if the email copy is created well and adds value to their primary line of work, urgency would be automatically created in the minds of the readers. Here’s a list of Manipulative terms to avoid: 

  1. Act now
  2. Action
  3. Apply Now
  4. Apply Online
  5. Buy
  6. Buy Direct
  7. Call
  8. Call Now
  9. Click Here
  10. Clearance
  11. Do it Today
  12. Don’t Delete
  13. Drastically Increase
  14. Drastically Reduce
  15. Exclusive Deal
  16. Expire
  17. Get
  18. Ge It Now
  19. Get Started
  20. Important Information Regarding
  21. Instant
  22. Limited Time
  23. New Customers Only
  24. Now Only
  25. Offer Expires
  26. Once In a Lifetime
  27. Order Now
  28. Please Read
  29. Special Promotion
  30. Take Immediate Action
  31. This won’t last
  32. Urgent
  33. While Stocks Last

Needy Triggers

In the quest to let our current and future users know of immediate value, we may be inclined to use some normal sounding terms which are instantaneous triggers for spam filters. 

Here are some Needy terms to avoid: 

  1. 100%
  2. All New
  3. Best Bargain
  4. Best Price
  5. Bonus
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Free
  8. For Instant access
  9. Free Gift
  10. Free Trial
  11. Have you been turned down?
  12. Great Offer
  13. Join Millions of Other People
  14. Incredible Deal
  15. Prize
  16. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  17. You won’t believe your own eyes!

Sleazy Triggers

The subject line of any email sends the most important message in the entire conversation mentally. It sets the tone. Your usage of terms might make you mildly persuasive or utterly intrusive!

Here’s a list of Sleazy triggers to avoid: 

  1. As Seen On
  2. Click Here
  3. Click Below
  4. Deal
  5. Direct Email
  6. Direct Marketing
  7. Do It Today
  8. Order Now
  9. Order Today
  10. Unlimited
  11. What is it you’re waiting for?
  12. Visit Our Website
  13. Acceptance
  14. Access
  15. Avoid Bankruptcy
  16. Boss
  17. Cancel
  18. Card Accepted
  19. Certified
  20. Cheap
  21. Compare
  22. Compare Rates
  23. Congratulations
  24. Credit Card Offers
  25. Cures
  26. Dear [Variable]
  27. Dear Friend
  28. Drastically Reduced
  29. Easy Terms
  30. Free Grant Money
  31. Free Hosting
  32. Free Info
  33. Free Membership
  34. Friend
  35. Get out of debt
  36. Giving Away
  37. Guarantee
  38. Guaranteed
  39. Have you ever faced rejection?
  40. Hello
  41. Information You Requested
  42. Join Millions
  43. No Age Restrictions
  44. No Catch
  45. No Experience
  46. No Obligation
  47. No Purchase Necessary
  48. No Questions Asked
  49. No Strings Attached
  50. Offer
  51. Opportunity
  52. Save Big
  53. Winner
  54. Winning
  55. Won
  56. You are the big winner!
  57. You have been selected

Far-reaching Triggers

If you go on to the extent of telling your customers that you can make money while resting peacefully in bed, then you should try email marketing in the 2010s. In today’s time if the triggers even catch a hint of such far-fetched ness, your email will directly be marked as spam!

Here are some Far-reaching terms you must look to avoid: 

  1. Additional Income
  2. All-Natural
  3. Amazing
  4. Be your own Boss
  5. Big Bucks
  6. Billion
  7. Billion Dollars
  8. Cash
  9. Cash Bonus
  10. Consolidate Debt
  11. Consolidate Credit
  12. Double Income
  13. Earn
  14. Earn Cash
  15. Earn Extra Cash
  16. Eliminate Bad Credit
  17. Eliminate Debt
  18. Extra
  19. Fantastic Deal
  20. Financial Freedom
  21. Financially Independent
  22. Free Investment
  23. Free Money
  24. Get Paid
  25. Home
  26. Home-Based
  27. Income
  28. Increase Sales
  29. Increase Traffic
  30. Lose
  31. Lose Weight
  32. Money Back
  33. No Catch
  34. No Fees
  35. No Hidden Costs
  36. No Strings Attached
  37. Potential Earnings
  38. Pure Profit
  39. Removes Wrinkles
  40. Reverses Aging
  41. Risk-Free
  42. Serious Cash
  43. Stop Snoring
  44. Vacation
  45. Vacation Offers
  46. Weekend Getaway
  47. Weight Loss
  48. While You Sleep
  49. Work From Home

Shady Triggers

There will never be complete security. There will be susceptible people in the world and as a result of that there will also be “shady” individuals/organizations who would look to profit off their gullible nature. Some terms which point towards legally questionable behaviour should be avoided at all costs. 

Here are some Shady terms to take care of: 

  1. Addresses
  2. Beneficiary
  3. Billing
  4. Casino
  5. Celebrity
  6. Collect Child Support
  7. Copy DVDs
  8. Fast Viagra Delivery
  9. Hidden
  10. Human Growth Hormone
  11. In Accordance With Laws
  12. Investment
  13. Junk
  14. Legal
  15. Life Insurance
  16. Loan
  17. Lottery
  18. Luxury Car
  19. Medicine
  20. Meet Singles
  21. Message Contains
  22. Miracle
  23. Money
  24. Multi-Level Marketing
  25. Nigerian
  26. Offshore
  27. Online Degree
  28. Online Pharmacy
  29. Passwords
  30. Refinance
  31. Request
  32. Rolex
  33. Score
  34. Social Security Number
  35. Spam
  36. This Isn’t Spam
  37. Undisclosed Recipient
  38. University Diplomas
  39. Unsecured Credit
  40. Unsolicited
  41. US Dollars
  42. Valium
  43. Viagra
  44. Vicodin

Many of you, if you’re reading this, are not sending spam on purpose. These little nuances of creating a perfect email copy can help you in the long-run and make the most out of your campaigning arrangements. A small language error and your email goes into spam. We now know what we can do to avoid it. These 200 words, if avoided, will propel your delivery rates so only spam lands in spam! 

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