Campaign tags and filters

There are certain tags which are associated with Campaigns.


You can filter your campaign statistics according to each of the above tags. Such filters can also be used to transform your tags in a certain manner. Let us learn how to do it with an example. Say you want to embed a link to twitter in your campaign. Let’s see how we can proceed on this now,

Using only the tags you would embed it like:[CAMPAIGN_SUBJECT]&url=[CAMPAIGN_URL]

Here arises a small problem. Twitter expects it’s arguments to be encoded. This means it expects the following,

Instead what our previous statement would give it is this, super campaign&url=

To overcome this very aspect, we use filters over our tags.[CAMPAIGN_SUBJECT:filter:urlencode]&url=[CAMPAIGN_URL:filter:urlencode]

This may sound amazing but it’s not the only thing there is, avenues exist for even more customization with tags and subsequent deployment. Say, we need to start our twitter texts with an uppercase letter and make the following letters lowercase.
In order to accomplish this, we can apply multiple filters over the same tag, which will be separated by a perpendicular slash.

For instance:[CAMPAIGN_SUBJECT:filter:lowercase|ucfirst|urlencode]&url=[CAMPAIGN_URL:filter:urlencode]

Important thing here not note is that multiple filters should be added in the order which they are supposed to be applied.

Following is the list of filters that we provide with Adcrux. We will be adding more filters and features in the future as we are always striving to make Adcrux better today than it was yesterday.

urlencodewill urlencode your tag
rawurlencodewill rawurlencode your url
htmlencodewill convert html tags into their entities
trimwill trim the white spaces from begining and end of your tag
uppercasewill transform your tag in uppercase only chars
lowercasewill transform your tag in lowercase only chars
ucwordswill capitalize each first letter from your tag content
ucfirstwill capitalize only the first letter of your tag
reversewill reverse your tag content

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