Creating Surveys

Surveys are a great way of collecting data from a selective group of responders about a specific aspect of your product/service. You can create surveys in Adcrux and incentivize your subscribers to share feedback on a particular aspect of interest.

Let us see how we can create a Survey in Adcrux: 

Step 1: Go to Surveys. You can find the survey tab on the left of your screen in the menu bar.

Step 2: Click on the “Create New” button and it will open up a page where you can start making your survey. Here you need to fill in some basic details about your survey which are self-explanatory. 

Step 3: Once you have completed Step 2, you will be directed to a page where you can add the “fields” of your choice to your survey. You may also customize these fields to fit the requirements of your survey. 

Step 4: Your survey is now ready to use and be deployed. You can analyze the performance of your survey from the “Overview” sub-section. Here you can also view the preview of your survey to confirm how it would look to your potential responders.

You may view the details about those who filled and submitted your survey by clicking on the “Responders” box. In the “Segments” section you can view the results of your survey based on a particular question. For instance, if you have a survey field that asks for the geographical location of the responder then you can easily segment your survey responses to view responses from a particular location.

In order to send surveys to your contacts in the lists, all you have to do is to include the survey link that you created as a tag inside of your campaign template like the following: 


This generates a URL with the survey and the subscriber ID which allows Adcrux to track the subscriber responses. 

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