Delivery Logs

Whenever you send a campaign, we record every single activity of that campaign. By virtue of it we are able to collect data classifying the performance of your campaign. We make that data available to you through our Delivery Logs

It has the information about how every single email that you sent performed. Data parameters which are recorded include open rates, impressions, overlook rates and engagement level statistics.

Delivery logs generally focus on only the delivery part of your campaign. It basically has all the important data on where and when each email was sent. Was it sent to a proper address? Did it face any server issue? What was the issue for it being bounced? And answers to many such questions. Many times problems in email delivery can occur because a delivery server is incorrectly set up. This information will also be shown in the delivery logs.

So, Logs are essentially the place where every single activity is recorded for your campaign. 

If you feel something is wrong with your campaign and you want to investigate or if you want to check the activity of your campaign at a certain point of time then Delivery Logs is where you will find all that information.

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