Getting Started with Campaigns

Create your First Email List

Creating an email list is one of the most primary tasks when sending out campaigns to a number of people. In Adcrux, your email list establishes your identity as the sender and enables you to make various decisions based on that role in the application organization.

Over time, you may want to use different sending lists for varied purposes and that is why we have made every list you make a separate entity in itself with little to no impact on other lists you make. Separating each list means you can customize each list based on situational campaigning requirements. This distinction allows for the creation of a separate delivery pipeline every time you want to send a new campaign.

Watch the demo video provided to understand how to create a list on Adcrux.

Add Subscribers to your List

Now that you have created your list, the next direct step is to import subscribers to your mailing list. Adcrux allows for a very simple pipelining structure where you can add the subscribers to your mailing lists for your campaigns in just a few simple steps. Following is a video which will help you out.

Watch the demo video provided to understand how to add subscribers to the list on Adcrux.

Send a Campaign

After you have created your list and added your subscribers to finally send your campaign. After you send your campaigns our systems would automatically start deploying the emails to the enlisted subscribers in your list. Make sure you have added all the subscribers and lists before you send the campaigns as this is irreversible and cannot be undone once the campaign is sent. Once you feel everything is good, send the campaign and enjoy real-time statistics and parametric scores for your campaigns. 

Watch the demo video provided to understand how to Send a campaign on Adcrux.

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